About El Camino Real

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the youth of Monterey County with the attributes to achieve success in their lives through academic excellence and knowledge of a healthy lifestyle through the game of soccer. The program serves a large underserved community in Monterey County and works to guide children away from negative influences such as gangs and violence.

Our Vision

“Give a man bread and feed him for a day, teach him to farm and feed him for life.”
This simple statement reflects the beliefs of El Camino Real’s volunteers who feel the need to move our children out of the confines of strife and violence to a life of achievement and balance. The values of family, honesty, integrity, fair play, personal and community responsibility as well as successful social interaction is what we teach, encourage and model for our youth. El Camino Real’s goal is to help our youth grow and develop in a world of non-violence where the importance is placed on the prospects for success by individuals who can demonstrate that they are leaders who can effect positive change in their community. This enterprise will encompass community partners, our Board of Directors, parental and community volunteers and trained coaches who will effectively model and teach our ideals. In the end, because of all of our dedicated partners, our youth will have the skill to “farm” and our community will continue to produce!

Soccer Program

Our goal is to maintain high level competitive soccer programs for children and adolescents in Monterey County. We do so by providing opportunities for the youth to travel and compete against other competitive teams within a 100 mile radius and additionally offering opportunities for team competition against the best in state. We can offer these opportunities while emphasizing sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork modeled by highly trained coaching staff and vested local volunteers.

Academic Program

We not only encourage our youth to strive for their maximum potential in soccer but in all areas of their lives. A paramount goal for our organization is to stress and nurture the importance of academics. We train our youth to aspire and position themselves in opportunities of higher education with the help of soccer. We want to continue to provide academic support, guidance and tutoring which will in turn produce a well balanced, prepared and eligible student athlete to compete for higher educational scholarships.

Health and Wellness Program
Developing a Health and Wellness Awareness Program among our community is of great importance to our organization. We feel that through the vehicle of soccer we can craft an educational program emphasizing the importance of physical and emotional health in order to attain success in life as well as on the soccer field. Our coaches and local leaders will work with our youth on developing not only soccer skills, but also on building self-confidence, self-awareness and teamwork in a positive and caring environment. This program will help educate our youth and their families about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and we feel this will fuel a positive attitude and investment in our communities.